How to Create the Bridge of Benevolence

I was in Greece as a participant for an exchange project at February 2008. It became absolute that i would participate in project and was getting prepared to leave for Greece. The preparations relevant with the content of the project, passport, a bit language practice, planning of the Works i would have to leave, letting my family know and packing my luggage. The last two one was the hardest part to get prepared. When I said to my family that I would go to Greece, I came across with an unexpected reaction and it really made me disappointed. What would I do in a so-called enemy country?! I had good feelings to Greece due to cultural similarities between Turkey and Greece. As a respond to their reaction, my desire to go to Greece increased. I had to be there. And my luggage.. I put also the prejudices against ‘that nation’ into my luggage, hit the road this time to look at Turkey from the other side of the border. It was more amazing what I saw than what I expected.We hadso many common points such as words,dishes,reactions,habits , … that I never felt like a stranger there. We had also some common events in our historical background but as the lands that we stand were different, , the perception of these events was also different for both countries. While Our triumph was their defeat ; their festival was our lament.. It was very interesting experience to talk about them with a Greek.Although we tried to slide over by agreeing it was history , it had been experienced a long time ago , both Georgia and I and also for millions it hasn’t been going by. Surely, we respect the history but by learning a lesson from all these experiences. It is obvious that nationalism that sabotages,communites,separates and diplomacy that provokes the masses won’t make our future more livable. Time to create the bridge of benevolence , understand and live all together .


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